Who we are?

We are a company that lives and breathes plant-based nutrition, a company that is driven with a passion to uncover the secrets of a healthy and thriving body. We are a curious bunch that have spent countless hours researching, experimenting and consulting to bring you a product that is both exceptional and of the highest value. Analysing every ingredient so you can maximise recovery and achieve your goals.

Why it started?

Planex is a company born out of a desire to showcase just how beneficial plant based nutrition can be for elite performance. Our product is the outcome of significant research and experimentation to develop only the most optimal plant protein powder so you can perform better and become the best version of yourself. We saw the benefits it had on our body and had to share it. Our protein is pure and organic so it leaves out the bad stuff and keeps in only the good. The earth is rich and provides nutrient dense foods that nourishes your body and leaves it in a better state than before. 


Our Values

Forever Plant-Based

We believe in a sustainable and efficient future where plants can be used in strong conjunction to achieve our nutrional requirements. The earth is vast and provides dense nutrients essential for our body to not only survive but to thrive. Our promise is that we will be forever plant-based.


Planex Nutrition Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated business